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Marburg virus. Credit: Tom Geisbert (CDC)

Pulliam Lab

Department of Biology and Emerging Pathogens Institute, University of Florida

Omar Saucedo

Omar Saucedo

Graduate Students

Co-advised with Dr. Maia Martcheva
Emerging Pathogens Institute
Phone: (352) 294-2365
Email: osaucedo1987 [at] ufl.edu


BS - Texas A&M University, 2010

Background and Research Interests

As an undergraduate at Texas A&M, Omar’s intense interest in mathematics was solidified through coursework in a wide range of mathematical topics. After participating in a summer REU program called the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute (MTBI), he decided to switch from studying pure mathematics to work on mathematical models of infectious diseases. As a PhD student in Mathematics at UF, Omar’s research has focused on understanding the role of migration on the dynamics of avian influenza in a two-patch system. Another project that he’s working on is a shrimp population model used to study the dynamics of Brown shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico. This project is part of the QSE3 IGERT program, which was established to broaden the background of students through interdisciplinary studies.