FAQ: What Does Poly Mean In Biology?

poly. 1. (Science: prefix) A combining form or prefix denoting many, multiplicity, as polygon, a figure of many angles; polyatomic, having many atoms; polychord, polyconic.

What does Poly mean as a prefix?

Poly-: 1: Prefix meaning much or many. For example, polycystic means characterized by many cysts. 2: Short form for polymorphonuclear leukocyte, a type of white blood cell.

What does multi Poly mean in biology?

multi, myria, poly- Many. Multicellular, Myriapod, Polysaccharide. Organism made of many cells, Organism w/many feet, Many.

What is a word for poly?

manypoly-: manypolyglot polymathpolyphonicpolychromaticpolyesterpolygamistpolygamy polygonpolyhedronpolymerpolymorphicpolynomialpolysyllabicpolytheism.

How many is poly?

Medical definitions for poly More than one; many; much:polyatomic.

What does Polly mean?

Wiktionary. Pollynoun. A female given name, nickname for Mary created by rhyming with Molly. Pollynoun. A common pet name for a parrot.

What does the prefix proto mean?

a combining form meaning “ first,” “foremost,” “earliest form of,” used in the formation of compound words (protomartyr; protolithic; protoplasm), specialized in chemical terminology to denote the first of a series of compounds, or the one containing the minimum amount of an element.

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What does anti prefix mean?

anti- prefix. English Language Learners Definition of anti- (Entry 4 of 2): opposite to something.: against someone or something.

What does the root Sal mean in biology?

Proto-Indo-European root meaning ” salt.” It forms all or part of: hali-; halide; halieutic; halite; halo-; halogen; sal; salad; salami; salary; saline; salmagundi; salsa; salsify; salt; salt-cellar; saltpeter; sauce; sausage; silt; souse.

What words have Poly in them?

12 letter words containing poly

  • polyethylene.
  • polyurethane.
  • polymorphism.
  • photopolymer.
  • polysyllabic.
  • polyneuritis.
  • polycythemia.
  • copolymerize.

What is the full meaning of poly?

polynoun. Short form of polyethylene (polythene).

Does Poly mean 7?

Poly means many: “And that’s a polycrab,” Conner said. “It has ten limbs and three tails,” Alex noted. “That’s thirteen appendages—why would you name it a polycrab? Poly means seven.” “Oh,” Conner said.

What does Poly in polyethylene mean?

It actually refers to polyethylene and polypropylene. The sturdier of the two “polys”, polyethylene (Wikipedia) is a type of polymer that is classified as a thermoplastic. This means that it can be melted into a liquid as it returns to a solid state.

What does Poly mean quizlet?

poly. prefix meaning ” many” polyhedron.

What does Poly mean in shapes?

The term polygon originates from the Greek word “poly -” meaning “many” and “- gon,” meaning “angles.” The most common examples of polygons are the triangle, the rectangle, and the square. In simple words, polygons are plain figures or shapes made up of line segments only.

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