Question: What Is The Definition Of Biosphere In Biology?

biosphere, relatively thin life-supporting stratum of Earth’s surface, extending from a few kilometres into the atmosphere to the deep-sea vents of the ocean. The biosphere is a global ecosystem composed of living organisms (biota) and the abiotic (nonliving) factors from which they derive energy and nutrients.

What is an biosphere in biology?

The biosphere is made up of the parts of Earth where life exists—all ecosystems. The biosphere extends from the deepest root systems of trees, to the dark environments of ocean trenches, to lush rain forests, high mountaintops, and transition zones like this one, where ocean and terrestrial ecosystems meet.

What is the best definition of biosphere?

1: the part of the world in which life can exist. 2: living organisms together with their environment.

What is biosphere define In short?

The biosphere is defined as the area of the planet where organisms live, including the ground and the air. An example of the biosphere is where live occurs on, above and below the surface of Earth.

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What is biosphere example?

Examples of Biosphere

  • Tundras.
  • Prairies.
  • Deserts.
  • Tropical rainforests.
  • Deciduous forests.
  • Oceans.

What is meant by biosphere answer?

Biosphere is a narrow zone of the earth where land, water and air interact with each other to support life. Thus, plant and animal kingdom together make biosphere, i.e., the living world.

What is biosphere long answer?

The biosphere, (from Greek bios = life, sphaira, sphere) is the layer of the planet Earth where life exists. The biosphere is one of the four layers that surround the Earth along with the lithosphere (rock), hydrosphere (water) and atmosphere (air) and it is the sum of all the ecosystems. Dr. A.

What is biosphere class 6th?

The biosphere is the zone where the lithosphere, the hydrosphere and the atmosphere interact with each other. This narrow sphere of the Earth supports life due to the presence of land, water and air. Therefore, the biosphere is important for living organisms. Also Read: Class 6 Maths NCERT Book.

What is another name for biosphere?

The biosphere (from Greek βίος bíos “life” and σφαῖρα sphaira “sphere”), also known as the ecosphere (from Greek οἶκος oîkos “environment” and σφαῖρα), is the worldwide sum of all ecosystems. It can also be termed the zone of life on Earth.

What is biosphere 9th CBSE?

Biosphere: The life-supporting zone of the Earth where the atmosphere, hydrosphere and the lithosphere interact and make life possible is known as the biosphere. Abiotic components: The non-living things air, water and soil form the abiotic components of the Biosphere.

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What is the meaning of biosphere in a sentence?

Definition of Biosphere. the combined regions of a planet that make it habitable and sustainable for living organisms. Examples of Biosphere in a sentence. 1. Earth’s biosphere is made up of all living things, from the oceans to plants to the very atmosphere.

What is biosphere explain with diagram?

The biosphere is one of the four layers that surround the Earth along with the lithosphere (rock), hydrosphere (water) and atmosphere (air) and it is the sum of all the ecosystems. The biosphere is unique. So far there has been no existence of life elsewhere in the universe. Life on Earth depends on the sun.

What is lithosphere Class 7 short answer?

Answer: Lithosphere is the solid crust or the hard top layer of the earth. It includes the crust and the uppermost mantle, which constitute the hard and rigid outer layer of the Earth.

What is biosphere and its components?

The biosphere consists of three components: (1) lithosphere, (2) atmosphere, and (3) hydrosphere. However, not all of them have living things thriving or inhabiting them. The portions where life is found and sustained are the only ones regarded as parts of the biosphere.

Is the ocean a biosphere?

This circle of life is called a biosphere. The earth’s biosphere is composed of all living things, from the deepest oceans to the upper atmosphere. It includes all the air, land and water where life exists.

Why is biosphere called the largest ecological system?

Biosphere is called the largest ecological system because it will contain all types of ecosystem and surrounded by the atmosphere to balance the life on the earth.

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