Quick Answer: What Is The Definition Of Response In Biology?

an answer or reply, as in words or in some action. Biology. any behavior of a living organism that results from an external or internal stimulus.

What is the best definition of response?

1: an act of responding. 2: something constituting a reply or a reaction: such as. a: a verse, phrase, or word sung or said by the people or choir after or in reply to the officiant in a liturgical service.

What is a response in biology example?

A tropism is a response that an organism makes to a stimulus. An example of a common tropism in plants is phototropism (or light response). Plants grow towards light sources, and if the direction of light is changed, the plant will also change its direction of growth to accommodate for survival.

What is response mean?

A response is a reaction to a question, experience, or some other type of stimulus. A response can come in many forms, including an answer to a question, an emotional reaction, or a reply.

What is response example?

Response is defined as an answer to a question. An example of response is what happens after the question during a question and answer discussion. noun.

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Is a response an answer?

Anytime a person returns communication it can be called a response or a reply, while an answer is a form of response which is a solution to a problem or question. So response and reply are generic and can be used in any situation, while answer is more specific in its usage.

What do you mean by reaction and response?

A reaction is a reverse movement or tendency, or an action in a reverse direction or manner. Reactions are done on impulse, without putting much thought into it or considering what the end result may be. Response – It can be defined as saying something in reply to an action or statement.

What is the scientific definition of respond?

An action or movement due to the application of a stimulus.

What is stimulus and response biology?

A Stimulus is any change either internal or external which leads to a response. This could be a noise, smell or the changes in blood sugar level. A Receptor is a specialized cell which can sense the stimulus. The Response is what happens when the organism reacts to the stimulus.

What is the difference between respond and response?

Respond is a verb. ” Please respond to my question.” Response is a noun. “I am waiting for your response to my question.”

What is a stimulus in science?

In the context of science, a stimulus is anything that makes an organism or a part of an organism react in some way. For example, for most plants, sunlight acts as a stimulus that causes (stimulates) them to grow or move toward it.

What does intended response mean?

1. meaning conveyed, professed, or implied: import; also: substance, gist. 2. the intended meaning of a communication. 3.

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What are types of response?

Types of Responses

  • Agree/Disagree Response.
  • Interpretive/Reflective Response.
  • Analytic/Evaluative Response.

What are the types of responses in biology?

Forms of tropism include phototropism (response to light), geotropism (response to gravity), chemotropism (response to particular substances), hydrotropism (response to water), thigmotropism (response to mechanical stimulation), traumatotropism (response to wound lesion), and galvanotropism, or electrotropism (response

What is response used for?

Frequently Asked Questions About response Some common synonyms of response are answer, rejoinder, reply, and retort. While all these words mean “something spoken, written, or done in return,” response may imply a quick or spontaneous reaction to a person or thing that serves as a stimulus.

What’s another word for in response?

regarding; concerning; following; in response to; in regards to; with regards to.

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