Readers ask: What Does Confer Mean In Biology?

; confer To compare; examine by comparison; collate. Don t read into it too much basically sometimes in biology genetics a research might need to for example study a specific gene that causes a mutation of 11 fingers. Confer, en forme souvent abrégée « cf.

What is the meaning of Confer ‘?

Full Definition of confer intransitive verb.: to compare views or take counsel: consult. transitive verb. 1: to bestow from or as if from a position of superiority conferred an honorary degree on her knowing how to read was a gift conferred with manhood— Murray Kempton.

What is an example of confer?

The definition of confer is to consult or carry on a discussion. An example of confer is for a company committee to have a discussion before deciding on a new employee.

What is the meaning of confer immunity?

“Our immune systems remember, which normally prevents you from being infected by the same virus later on.” For some viral diseases such a measles, overcoming the sickness confers immunity for life.

How do you use confer?

Confer in a Sentence

  1. Since the doctors are unfamiliar with my symptoms, they will confer on a diagnosis.
  2. The principal closed his office door so he could confer in private with the troubled teen.
  3. At the pharmacy, there is a private area in which the pharmacist can confer with customers about their prescriptions.
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Do you confer?

When you confer with someone, you discuss something with them in order to make a decision. You can also say that two people confer.

What do you mean by defer?

Verb (1) defer, postpone, suspend, stay mean to delay an action or proceeding. defer implies a deliberate putting off to a later time. deferred buying a car until spring postpone implies an intentional deferring usually to a definite time.

What does confer mean in medical terms?

[kon´fer-ens] a gathering for discussion or deliberation. multidisciplinary care conference in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as planning and evaluating patient care with health professionals from other disciplines.

What is the sentence of confer?

Confer sentence example. The faculties of medicine confer the degree of doctor of medicine. This time a board of Eight Men was chosen to confer with him. The faculties of theology confer the degrees of bachelor, lice~itiate and doctor of theology.

What is confer synonym?

synonyms for confer

  • advise.
  • argue.
  • brainstorm.
  • consult.
  • huddle.
  • negotiate.
  • speak.
  • bargain.

Does not confer meaning?

1 v-recip When you conferwith someone, you discuss something with them in order to make a decision. You can also say that two people confer. He conferred with Hill and the others in his office V with n. His doctors conferred by telephone and agreed that he must get away from his family for a time.

What does it mean to confer rights?

transitive ​formalto give something such as authority, a legal right, or an honour to someone.

What does confer mean in law?

Confer means to discuss using any appropriate form of communication, such as in person, by email, in writing, by telephone, or in a videoconference.

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What does confer upon mean?

to grant something, such as an academic degree, to someone, usually in a ceremony. (Upon is more formal than on.) The university conferred an honorary degree upon her. They conferred degrees on 300 graduates this year. See also: confer, on.

What does Locomote mean?

intransitive verb.: to move about. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About locomote.

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