Question: Which Variables Is Biological?

The characteristics such as age, sex, height, weight, body mass index (BMI), blood group, body temperature, blood glucose level, blood pressure, heart rate, number of teeth, severity of disease (mild, moderate, severe) etc. are some of the examples for biological variables in research.

Is blood group nominal or ordinal?

Nominal data: the range of values is not ordered in any sense, but simply named (hence the nom). Again, blood groups, gender, etc. This is a form of categorical data.

What type of variable is body weight?

For example, because weight is a ratio variable, a weight of 4 grams is twice as heavy as a weight of 2 grams.

What type of variable is body mass index?

Body Mass Index (or BMI) BMI in this case is a measurement and thus would be quantitative. Sometimes, BMI is presented classified into categories such as underweight, normal, overweight, or obese, in which case it would be a categorical variable.

Is weight an ordinal variable?

An ordinal variable, is one where the order matters but not the difference between values. When the variable equals 0.0, there is none of that variable. Variables like height, weight, enzyme activity are ratio variables.

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Is hair color nominal or ordinal?

Hair color is an example of a nominal level of measurement. Nominal measures are categorical, and those categories cannot be mathematically ranked. There is no ranking order between hair colors.

What type of variable is Internet?

Household size and number of computers are discrete variables. (*) Occupation of head of household and type of internet connection are qualitative variables.

What type of variable is hair color?

Hair color is also a categorical variable having a number of categories (blonde, brown, brunette, red, etc.) and again, there is no agreed way to order these from highest to lowest. A purely nominal variable is one that simply allows you to assign categories but you cannot clearly order the categories.

What type of variable is civil status?

marital status is a nominal variable. If there is a natural ordering of categories, the variable is described as ordinal.

What are the 3 types of variables?

Define the Variables. There should be three categories of variables in every experiment: dependent, independent, and controlled.

What are examples of quantitative variables?

As discussed in the section on variables in Chapter 1, quantitative variables are variables measured on a numeric scale. Height, weight, response time, subjective rating of pain, temperature, and score on an exam are all examples of quantitative variables.

What type of variable is gender?

For example, gender is a nominal variable that can take responses male/female, which are the categories the nominal variable is divided into. A nominal variable is qualitative, which means numbers are used here only to categorize or identify objects.

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What type of variable is respiratory rate?

Variables such as heart rate, platelet count and respiration rate are in fact discrete yet are considered continuous because of large number of possible values. Only those variables which can take a small number of values, say, less than 10, are generally considered discrete.

Is gender a nominal?

Gender is an example of a nominal measurement in which a number (e.g., 1) is used to label one gender, such as males, and a different number (e.g., 2) is used for the other gender, females. Numbers do not mean that one gender is better or worse than the other; they simply are used to classify persons.

What type of variable is age?

Mondal[1] suggests that age can be viewed as a discrete variable because it is commonly expressed as an integer in units of years with no decimal to indicate days and presumably, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Is eye color nominal or ordinal?

Certainly, eye color is a nominal variable, since it is multi-valued (blue, green, brown, grey, pink, black), and there is no clear scale on which to fit the different values.

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