Question: Who Is Pipers R Biological Dad?

Family, Boyfriend Relationships

Father Name Piper Smith
Mother Name Tiffany Rockelle
Brother Name Tyler Ray Hill and Hunter Ray Hill
Boyfriend Lev Cameron
Marital Status Unmarried

What is Piper rockelle real name?

Before Fame. Piper Rockelle Smith was born on August 21, 2007to Tiffany Rockelle. She has a dog named Frank.

What grade is Piper rockelle in school?

As Rockelle is 13 at present this would mean she would be in the 8th grade at school. In 2018, Piper Rockelle discussed her age as she appeared on the Famous Birthday’s YouTube Channel as part of a Q&A style video where she was asked how old she was when she first thought of going into acting.

Is Piper rockelle 13?

Piper Rockelle was born on 21 August 2007. Piper Rockelle is 14 years old.

What happened to Pipers dad?

Piper, Jason Grace, and Leo Valdez make it to the lair of the giant Enceladus to save Piper’s dad, who has been chained and beaten in the far corner of the room. Using the potion given to her by her mother, Aphrodite, Piper erases her father’s memory of the days he was imprisoned.

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How old is Piper’s boyfriend?

Piper Rockelle Boyfriend However, she has a boyfriend named Lev Cameron who is a dancer-cum actor. While talking about her boyfriend’s age, he is 15-year-old as of 2021.

Does Piper Raquel have a dad?

Bill Chapman is the father of Piper and Cal Chapman and is the patriarch of the Chapman family.

Who is Piper’s dad 2020?

Her father’s name is Piper Smith who left the family a long time ago and she met her father only once when she was very little. Her mother’s name is Tiffany Rockelle who is a homemaker. She has two siblings, her elder brother’s name is Tyler Ray Hill and her second brother’s name is Hunter Ray Hill.

At what age did Piper rockelle start her YouTube channel?

Rockelle began making content on YouTube in 2016. The first publicly available video on Rockelle’s YouTube channel, posted on November 29, 2016, shows Rockelle at about 10 years old making fluffy slime from scratch. The video has over 4.6 million views.

Does Piper save her dad?

After many adventures, Piper tells Leo and Jason about her father’s plight. The heroes save Piper’s dad, whose mind is shattered. Piper gives him a potion from her mother to erase his memory.

Why did Gavin and Piper break up?

Piper’s ex-boyfriend Gavin Magnus cited a toxic work environment as the reason for his breakup with Piper. “It wasn’t a good environment,” Gavin said in an interview. He admitted to missing Piper Rockelle, but he couldn’t stand the toxic work environment created by Piper Rockelle’s mom.

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