Quick Answer: What Is Biological Diversification?

Evolution describes the cumulative changes that occur in the heritable characteristics of a population. It can result in diversification within a species (microevolution) or diversification between species (macroevolution)

What do you mean by diversification in biology?

1: the act or process of diversifying something or of becoming diversified: an increase in the variety or diversity of something Between the appearance of complex cells 2.1 billion to 1.6 billion years ago and the explosive diversification of multicellular animals some 800 million years ago, not much happens in the

What are the diversification patterns biology?

These patterns include (a) macroevolutionary diversity, encompassing temporal changes in species richness within and among clades, (b) global diversity, in which gradients of diversity among com- munities or biotas vary spatially and temporally, and (c) Phanerozoic diversity, which describes large- scale temporal

What is evolutionary diversification?

Evolutionary diversification of a clade within its ecological zone of origin, with occasional adaptive shifts (stars) to different ecological zones. This mechanism could be called a general process if certain ecological conditions, such as temperature, promoted or retarded proliferation (Rohde 1992, Allen et al.

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How does diversification affect the population?

The population size hypothesis would predict lower rates of diversification near these boundaries. This might lead us to speculate that life seems destined for diversity: large populations diverge because they are large, and the resulting divergent groups further diversify because of their differences.

What causes diversification biology?

There are two main mechanisms for change which will reduce biodiversity within a population: Genetic drift: The change in the composition of a gene pool as a result of a random or chance event. Natural selection: The change in the composition of a gene pool as a result of differentially selective environmental

What is an example of diversification?

For example, an auto company may diversify by adding a new car model or by expanding into a related market like trucks. If a company is expanding into industries that are unrelated to its current business, then it’s engaging in conglomerate diversification.

What causes a species to evolve or diversify?

Evolution and diversity result from the interactions between organisms and their environments and the consequences of these interactions over long periods of time. Organisms continually adapt to their environments, and the diversity of environments that exists promotes a diversity of organisms adapted to them.

How does natural selection lead to diversification?

Diversifying (or disruptive) selection: Diversifying selection occurs when extreme values for a trait are favored over the intermediate values. This type of selection often drives speciation. Diversifying selection can also occur when environmental changes favor individuals on either end of the phenotypic spectrum.

What is Convergent diversification?

diversification into related businesses. See: Concentric Diversification Divergent Acquisition Diversification. +1 -1.

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What are mechanisms of diversification?

V(D) J recombination and somatic hypermutation (SHM) are the primary mechanisms for diversification of the human antibody repertoire. These mechanisms allow for rapid humoral immune responses to a wide range of pathogenic challenges.

What do you mean by diversify?

transitive verb. 1: to make diverse or composed of unlike elements: give variety to diversify a course of study. 2: to balance (an investment portfolio) defensively by dividing funds among securities (see security sense 3) of different industries or of different classes diversify your investments.

What is diversification in investment?

Diversification is an investing strategy used to manage risk. Rather than concentrate money in a single company, industry, sector or asset class, investors diversify their investments across a range of different companies, industries and asset classes.

What is the feedback between diversity and diversification?

Diversity is a state of an organization or ecosystem of being diverse (including entities that are different in some respect). It can be considered as the result of a diversification process. Diversification is in contrast a flux, a process that is ongoing in time.

How the genetic mutation brings about species diversification?

Mutations are changes to an organism’s DNA that create diversity within a population by introducing new alleles. Some mutations are harmful and are quickly eliminated from the population by natural selection; harmful mutations prevent organisms from reaching sexual maturity and reproducing.

Does coevolution promote diversification?

Using analytical models and simulations of phenotypic evolution across a metapopulation, we show that coevolutionary interactions promote diversification when they impose a cost of phenotype matching, as is the case for competition or host-parasite antagonism.

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