Quick Answer: What Is The Biological Function Of The Bicoid Gene Product?

(1) A kind of maternal-effect gene (as in bicoid gene) whose function is to code for products used for establishing the normal patterning of anterior parts (head and thorax) of the embryo.

What is the role of the bicoid protein?

Bicoid (Bcd) protein distributes in a concentration gradient that organizes the anterior/posterior axis of the Drosophila embryo.

What is the bicoid gene product?

Bicoid is the protein product of a maternal-effect gene unique to flies of the genus Drosophila. The bicoid gradient, which extends across the anterior-posterior axis of Drosophila embryos, organizes the head and thorax.

What does the bicoid gene determine?

Bicoid is a maternal effect gene whose protein concentration gradient patterns the anterior-posterior (A-P) axis during Drosophila embryogenesis. Bicoid was the first protein demonstrated to act as a morphogen.

Is bicoid a Hox gene?

The newly established sister-gene relationship implies that bicoid genes, like the zerknüllt genes (7, 24, 25), are direct homologs of the Hox3 genes in the Hox-C of noninsect animal classes. Thus, bicoid is a Hox gene in the phylogenetic sense, and the location of bicoid in the Hox-C of Drosophila (Fig.

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Is bicoid a maternal effect gene?

First, bicoid is a maternal effect gene. Messenger RNA from the mother’s bicoid genes is placed in the embryo by the mother’s ovarian cells (Figure 9.13A; Frigerio et al. 1986; Berleth et al. 1988).

Why are bicoid and Nanos classified as maternal effect genes?

Nanos and Caudal are maternal effect genes that are important in the formation of more posterior abdominal segments of the Drosophila embryo. In embryos from bicoid mutant mothers, the head and thoracic structures are converted to the abdomen making the embryo with posterior structures on both ends, a lethal phenotype.

Where is bicoid expressed?

bicoid is expressed in the anterior egg region, where it exerts its role in patterning the anterior body of the larval fly.

Is the bicoid gene a cytoplasmic determinant?

Remember, the bicoid mRNA is the cytoplasmic determinant while the Bicoid protein is the morphogen. These experiments prove that bicoid mRNA and thus Bicoid protein are both necessary and sufficient to specify anterior pattern. Bicoid was the first “morphogen” regulating embryonic development to be identified.

What will happen if bicoid is overexpressed?

What do you think happens when BICOID is overexpressed? Nothing, as long as there is an A/P axis, the embryo will develop normally. No, when overexpressed the BICOID gradient shifts. Anterior structures won’t form now because there is too much BICOID.

What would you expect to see in flies that lack the gene that encodes bicoid?

feedback: As expected, lack of Giant or Krüppel results in a broad expression pattern for the second stripe. What would you expect to happen to the pattern of reporter expression in flies that lack the gene encoding Bicoid? a) It would be expressed in all seven stripes.

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What happens to an embryo with a mutated bicoid gene?

In embryos from females with a mutation in bicoid, head and thorax are lacking and replaced by a posterior telson (Fröhnhofer, 1986). Embryos lacking both maternal and zygotic hb display a reduction and an anterior shift of ems and btd expression at the blastoderm stage.

What does the presence of bicoid mRNA do to a fruit fly *?

Several experiments in an attempt to understand what determines the anterior and posterior ends of a drosophila larva were done. They isolated fruit flies with mutations in the bicoid gene. This bicoid protein gradient promotes the formation of a gradient of hunchback mRNA and protein along the anterior-posterior axis.

What is Bicoid in biology?

Definition. (1) A kind of maternal-effect gene (as in bicoid gene) whose function is to code for products used for establishing the normal patterning of anterior parts (head and thorax) of the embryo.

What essential information does the product of the Bicoid gene in Drosophila?

Thus Bicoid has an essential role in establishing the anterior-posterior axis of Drosophila, its gradient acting to position the transcription of gap and pair rule genes along the anterior-posterior axis. Bicoid mRNA translation is posttranscriptionally regulated by Nanos protein.

How is Bicoid a morphogen?

Bicoid (Bcd) functions as a morphogen during Drosophila development. Rather, it relies on a “morphogenic network” that integrates the terminal system and Bcd activities, providing both polarity and spatial information to the prospective head region of the developing embryo.

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