Readers ask: Which Of The Following Is A Consequence Of Biological Magnification (biomagnification)?

Which of the following is a consequence of biological magnification (biomagnification)? Toxic chemicals in the environment pose greater risk to top-level predators than to primary consumers.

Which of the following is a consequences of biological magnification?

Biomagnification makes humans more prone to cancer, kidney problems, liver failure, birth defects, respiratory disorders, and heart diseases.

Which of the following is as a result of biomagnification?

In biomagnification the concentration of the persistent toxins (crosses) increases higher up the food chain. In this scenario, a pond has been contaminated. Further up on the food chain, the concentration of the toxin increases, sometimes resulting in the top consumer dying as a result of the toxin.

What are the causes and effects of biological magnification?

Biomagnification happens when toxic chemicals, like DDT, whose remains in the environment are consumed indirectly by organisms through food. When an organism in the higher food chain consumes the lower organism containing such chemicals, the chemicals can get accumulated in the higher organism.

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Which of the following is an example of biological magnification?

These substances are often pollutants from industries or pesticides from farming.. An example of biological magnification and its dangers is any small fish that eats plankton that has been tainted with mercury. Hundreds of small fish might then contain just few parts of the mercury, not enough to cause major harm.

What is the consequence of biomagnification in a food chain?

This is biomagnification, and it means that higher-level predators-fish, birds, and marine mammals- build up greater and more dangerous amounts of toxic materials than animals lower on the food chain.

What is biological magnification and its effects Class 10?

Biological magnification is a phenomenon that expalins the increase in the concentration of harmful chemicals like pesticides and fertilisers in each trophic level. Levels of bio-magnification would increase as the trophic level increases and would be higher for higher trophic levels.

What is biological magnification quizlet?

Biological Magnification. the increase in concentration of substances along the food chain. Also known as Bioaccumulation. Biological Magnification Result. Organisms at higher levels of food chain more at risk and suffer greater than those organisms lower in the food chain.

Which of the following would be most affected by the process of biomagnification?

Animals are most affected by biomagnification higher up the food chain after much accumulation. Biomagnification could affect me because I eat meat and plants, which could already have mercury in them polluting me as well. You just studied 33 terms!

Why does biological magnification occur?

Biomagnification occurs when the concentration of a pollutant increases from one link in the food chain to another (i.e. polluted fish will contaminate the next consumer and continues up a tropic food web as each level consumes another) and will result in the top predator containing the highest concentration levels.

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What is biological magnification What are its harmful effects?

Biomagnification means gathering various unimportant and at times harmful substances by organisms at different levels of a food chain. Furthermore, the concentration of toxic materials increases with every step up on a food chain. Ultimately, it affects humans as they sit on top of most of the food chains.

What problems does biomagnification cause?

Food Chain Accumulation of substances that cause Biomagnification can disrupt the natural food chain that is essential for the survival of all animals in a given biosphere. However, if a group of organisms was to die due to the toxic substances the natural flow of the food chains becomes disrupted.

What is biological magnification in biology?

: the process by which a compound (such as a pollutant or pesticide) increases its concentration in the tissues of organisms as it travels up the food chain In a process known as biomagnification, fish accumulate mercury more rapidly than they excrete it, and every fish up the aquatic food chain contains more than the

Which of the following is an example of biomagnification quizlet?

Biomagnification is the increase in concentration of a substance, such as mercury, that occurs in a food chain.

What is biological magnification answer?

Biomagnification is the accumulation of a chemical by an organism from water and food exposure that results in a concentration that is greater than would have resulted from water exposure only and thus greater than expected from equilibrium. From: Treatise on Geochemistry, 2007.

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