What Happened To Randall’s Biological Mother On This Is Us?

‘This Is Us’ Season 5 reveals what really happened to Randall’s birth mom. Long before This Is Us Season 5, William (Ron Cephas Jones) told Randall that Laurel died of an overdose after giving birth. Hai claimed to be a close friend of Laurel’s and revealed she died in May 2015 of breast cancer.

Why did Randall’s mom leave?

Their addiction and Laurel’s eventual overdose are what led William to abandon Randall at the fire station. In the Season 5 premiere, it’s revealed that Laurel was trying to get clean while pregnant. And after giving birth at home, she’s suffering from extreme pain and withdrawal.

Why did Randall’s mom not look for him?

After the man sees Randall’s video, he contacts him and tells him he’s a close friend of his mother’s. In “Birth Mother” (Season 5, Episode 6), we also learn why Laurel never went looking Randall. It’s not that she didn’t want to find him (she did, desperately), it’s because she physically couldn’t.

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Is Randall’s therapist his mom?

Leigh on the phone during his ride back to his Philly from the Pearson family cabin. “I’m gonna make a change and find a Black therapist.” Taking both big reveals into account, several viewers made an interesting prediction: Randall’s birth mother Laurel will end up being as his new therapist.

Who plays Randall’s biological mother?

Jennifer C. Holmes Opens Up About Her Powerful Performance as Laurel on ‘This Is Us’ The actress shines as Randall’s birth mother in the latest episode of season 5.

Does Randall meet his mom?

There in the water, he sees his mother – a spiritual, almost ghostly moment of connection where he finally gets to talk and communicate with his birth mother, a missing piece of his past found.

Did Randall’s mom survive?

Tuesday’s episode answered one major question about Randall’s mother, Laurel: Sadly, she’s no longer alive, having passed away in 2015.

Does Randall have a sibling?

Randall Kenneth Pearson is the son of Rebecca and Jack Pearson, who adopted him shortly after his birth. He is also the brother of Kevin, Kate, and Kyle Pearson (who’s stillborn).

How does Randall find out about his mother?

Randall began a journey to discover more about his mother, who led another life after he thought she had died. Randall’s discovery came after a man in New Orleans named Hai, who viewers have seen in previous episodes as a mysterious connection to Laurel, sent him an email after watching Randall’s viral video.

How did Laurel get into drugs this is us?

William moved to Pittsburgh in order to help his mother and that’s where he met Randall’s biological mother, Laurel. After William’s mother passes away, Laurel gets him into the drug world and he becomes addicted to heroin. Sometime right after Randall’s birth, Laurel had a heroin overdose.

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Why does Randall want a black therapist?

In the same episode, Randall decides to look for a Black therapist so he can feel more comfortable talking about certain aspects of his life (You probably see where we’re going with this).

Who will play Randalls new therapist?

As for who really will be Randall’s therapist, here’s a little hint. The new episode has a cast addition of Keith Powell and he is said to be playing the role of Dr Vance on the show.

Who is Randall’s birth father?

In season one, Randall’s biological father, William (Ron Cephas Jones), tells Randall his mother Laurel died shortly after he was born, but now in season five Randall learns that wasn’t the case. In a clip provided by NBC, Randall is shown on a trip with his wife, Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson), in New Orleans.

Who is the mom on this is us?

Rebecca Pearson is the wife of Jack Pearson, the biological mother of Kevin and Kate, and the adopted mother of Randall. Mandy Moore has played Rebecca Pearson through many different stages of her life, from a single, energetic singer in her early 20s to a grandmother in her 90s afflicted with Alzheimer’s.

How old is Randall Pearson?

Randall Pearson. Randall Kenneth Pearson (born August 31, 1980), portrayed by Sterling K. Brown (current day), Niles Fitch ( ages 15–17 ), and Lonnie Chavis (ages 8–10), is Jack and Rebecca’s (adopted) son, and Kevin and Kate’s brother. He is “Number Three” of the “Big Three”, being adopted after Kevin and Kate were born

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Who was the woman in the photo on this is us?

In the third scene, he finally reveals to his curious daughter exactly who the dinner is for. She says that is for “the woman in all the pictures” around his house. Then, the camera pan to reveal the man when he is younger with a woman. That woman was Laurel, the birth mother of Randall.

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