Who Plays Callie’s Biological Sister In The Fosters?

Bailee Madison (born October 15, 1999) is an American teen actress. She portrays Sophia Quinn, Callie’s biological sister, on The Fosters. She is most known for her role in Bridge to Terabithia in which she plays May Belle Aarons, the younger sister of Jesse Aarons.

Who plays Callie Jacobs sister in the Fosters?

Maia Mitchell (born 18 August 1993) is an Australian actress, singer and producer. She is known for her roles as Brittany Flune in the children’s television series Mortified for the Nine Network, and as Natasha Ham in the Seven Network’s teen drama Trapped.

Is Callie’s sister in the Fosters her real sister?

In the show, Sophia and Callie have an almost exact resemblance, a detail that is often mentioned by various characters, due to being sisters. In real life, actresses Bailee Madison (Sophia Quinn) and Maia Mitchell (Callie Jacob) are not related and their similar appearances are possibly a result of good casting.

Who played Callie in the Fosters?

No, Bailee Madison and Maia Mitchell are not related. The actresses have constantly been confused for each other to the point where even their fans can’t tell them apart. Madison and Mitchell revealed that they became friends because of the people comparing both of them.

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Is someone’s little sister a real band?

Someone’s Little Sister is an indie-rock band consisting of Lou, Brandon, Mat and Jasper. The band is familiar with Emma, who brought along Jesus, Brandon, Callie and Mariana to one of their concerts.

Who is Bailee Madisons sister?

If you remember, Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Jude’s (Hayden Byerly) mom Colleen was killed in a drunk driving accident, which we all learned in a season one flashback.

Is Callie on The Fosters British?

The young Australian actress plays Callie, a foster teen who enters into a multi-ethnic family raised by two moms, in the cable network’s new series.

Did Maia Mitchell actually sing in The Fosters?

Maia Mitchell is undoubtedly a really talented musician and we’ve seen that play out on The Fosters a few times. She recently revealed to JJJ that even though she does actually sing and play guitar, those scenes still scare her a little bit! MORE MAIA: See what she told us about Callie and Brandon’s relationship!

How old is Callie in The Fosters Season 1?

1. Pilot. Callie, a 16-year-old girl fresh out of juvenile hall, moves in with school vice principal Lena and her partner, Stef — plus their blended brood.

Are Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell friends?

Raia (R/oss and M/aia) is the real-life pairing of Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell. They appear to be very close friends, and they are very comfortable with each other. They are good friends and throughout different interviews, they are teasing each other and joking around and doing romantic scenes together.

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